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Discipleship Classes

Once you have started taking your first steps, you can begin taking your next steps! These steps are simply DOORWAYS to new levels in Christian life and experience. Ask us about dates for the following classes...

AREA 100 – This Area is about discovering Jesus, His love & the family of God. Begin with Core Classes 100 & 101 where you will learn more about the following.

·         Salvation

·         Water Baptism

·         Baptism in the Holy Spirit

·         Tithing

·         Commitment to Membership

AREA 200 – This Area is about discovering how to follow Jesus the way He intended

Move on to Core Class 201 where you will learn the lifestyle of a follower of Christ.

·         Daily God Time

·         Study Word of God

·         Learn Spiritual Disciplines

·         A commitment to growth & maturity


AREA 300 – This Area is about discovering Who God has made you to be & what he has shaped you for.

Now you continue on to Core Class 301 where you learn how God has designed you to serve others.

·         What natural gifts has God given me for others?

·         What spiritual gifts has God given me for others?

·         What motivational gifts has God given me for others?

·         Where and how can I use these gifts within The Love Church and within my community?


AREA 400 – this area is about discovering How to Share Jesus with others through my life

Then, you reach Core Class 401 to gain an understanding of how to communicate Christ's love to the world around you.

·         Learn to develop and share your redemption story

·         How to step into your life’s mission

·         How to communicate your faith effectively

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