Summer Interns



The Love Aflame! Summer Intern Program has been designed to incorporate many of the elements of the 10-month LA!Intern experience.

·         The Summer Interns will be trained and mentored by the Summer Intern staff and The Love Church pastors.

·         The goal for these nine weeks of training is to impart into each intern a strong sense of:

o    personal responsibility

o    servanthood & submission to the Lord

o    commitment to the local church

o    develop a burden for souls and a heart to reach them

o    the desire to see the Kingdom of God extended in the earth.



The LA! Summer Intern program is for high schoolers & college-age young people:

·         who would rather do something full of excitement and purpose in the real world, rather than spend it in virtual reality via YouTube, social media or video games.

·         who may consider applying for the full-year program at some point.

·         Who want to draw closer to God, His Word and His Spirit.

·         Who have a dream to help other people in this world, especially those who do not yet know Jesus Christ.



The Summer Intern schedule follows a similar format as the full-year program. The general schedule is as follows:

Monday through Friday, Standard schedule: 9:00AM to 3:30PM (unless on road trip/out of town).

  • Saturdays special schedule as needed.
  • Sundays: regular local church involvement – no special demands on interns.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday through Thursday

9:00am-9:45am — Chapel
10:00am-11:30pm Instruction

11:30-1:30 – Food distribution at Barlow Park in Elmira with Sullivan Street Mission
1:30pm-3:30pm — Ministry Track

6:30pm (Wednesday only): Ignite Teens or Midweek Service


9:00am-3:30pm (actually, times will vary). Activity Day

6:30pm (Friday only): Overflow @ Haley’s home.

Saturday(Occasional fundraisers, events, road trips, activities)

Sunday- 7:30am-1:00pm — Regular immersion and participation in the local church.



The ‘live’ Summer Intern courses will be taught live by those related to Love Aflame and The Love Church.

·         The interns will also be exposed to some select lessons from ISOM core classes, to give them a taste of the quality of material and also the format used extensively in the regular 10-month Intern Program.

·         There will also be occasional special sessions and training opportunities.

·         Our classes will focus on things like:

o    The Gospel of the Kingdom

o    Developing a Life of Devotion & Discipleship

o    Building Character

o    Becoming Like Jesus

o    Fostering Community



As a Summer Intern you will spend your summer involved in ‘hands-on’ ministries and outreaches of The Love Church and Love Aflame! Worldwide. We believe that a significant portion of your leadership training should take place in actual serving and ‘doing.’ Summer interns will participate in the following kinds of serving opportunities: Food distribution,  prayer walks, Ignite Teens, puppet shows & skits, park pick-ups, ‘sign series’ street witnessing, church campus beautification, and more.


To the degree that time and finances allow, we hope to conduct a SI Missions Camp toward the end of the program. This will be a time of fun, review, reflection, games, worship, testimony, time in the Word, food and more!


·         Orientation Encounter to kick the program off!

·         Road Trip to Buffalo Conference or Washington DC ‘TOGETHER’ / ‘RESET’ 7/16


  • 2 months, July & August (nine weeks)
  • Start date: Wed, July 5
  • End date: Sat, Aug 27


Cost: We anticipate it will cost $600 for almost 9 weeks of the Summer Intern Program.

  • That can be paid in two lump sums:
    • $300 on or before July 1st.
    • $300 on or before August 1st.
  • Over 9 weeks, that comes to about $66 per week.
  • If an intern must miss any ENTIRE week, the cost for that week will be deducted or refunded.
Out of town Summer Interns will need to coordinate with the SI Director, Veronica Coleman, regarding options for housing. Several families of The Love Church are accustomed to opening their arms and their homes to our guests. Room and Board payment expectations vary from family to family. You should plan to give $25 per week to your host home without them asking for it.